Word Play

P surprises me endlessly these days with the way he uses and observes words. While channel surfing this evening, we chanced upon a soap which showed a woman being kidnapped. My 4-yr-old immediately quips. " Why is it kid-nap? It should be elder-nap." I patted him proudly on the head. I am such a Mom.

A typical conversation

Morning as soon as Pranav wakes up, S measures his face with his palm and pretends to be surprised by how he has grown up. Then he proceeds to measure my face with his palm and tells Pranav that Mama's face has grown taller. Face grown taller! I ran to the mirror to ensure that …

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To my children

For Sairam,  Pranav,  Aanya,  Nethra,  Rishab,  Parv,  Jathin, Ved and all kids I Pray That you find courage, to be brave That you nurture compassion, to be kind That you choose honest,y to be truthful That you believe in goodness, to be virtuous That you encourage innovation, to be different That you discover meditation, to …

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Who are you?

Time goes so slowly when you live in another person's mind. Everything takes on a different meaning, is coloured a different shade. Reality is blurred because you are not seeing through your eyes. That's what happens if you live your entire life through other people's viewpoint. Spend the days and nights doing things right, doing …

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Realizations about relationships

So much joy all around that it is easy to forget the silly little things that mar happiness. There is a meaning to everything. As the world around and inside renews bonds, forms new ones, I rejoice. Then I watch the distances that have made their presence felt in other relationships. The heart does not …

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