The Chameleon Effect and other stories

The Chameleon Effect and other stories is the first book in the Isapuram Series. Based on the everyday lives of Diya, her friends – Ayesha and Biju, and Baba, the book explores themes like kindness, tolerance, faith, dealing with nervousness, oneness, etc. But this exploration takes place with the mischief, impishness and humour that is part of Diya’s life. Curious to know more? Want to know :

  • What happens when Diya has to deliver a speech at her annual day? How does she deal with her nervousness and fear?
  • Why does Diya feel confused about Ayesha’s behaviour? How can she understand why different people pray to different Gods?
  • How do Diya and Baba help the puppy they rescue from the Park?
  • What is the Chameleon Effect? Can it help Diya train her mind?
  • Why on earth should Diya pray? Talking to God was so boring. Or was it?
    Pick up the book to know more!

Peek Inside –

Diya looked at Baba. There was nothing in the world she would hide from him. Even her parents sought advice from him! “I am afraid I won’t remember my lines,” she confessed. “I am sure I will forger them as soon as i stand in front of the crowd and then my friends will laugh at me. The teachers will be upset, and Maa and Paa will feel ashamed of me.”

“How is that possible, little one?” said Baba, holding back a smile. “You have told everyone the lines. Me, you parents, even the milkman! I am sure half of the audience know the lines by now!”

From the story ‘Don’t listen to it’ in the book The Chameleon Effect and other stories (Isapuram Tales – Book One)

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