Lessons of Love

Writings inspired from
‘A Course in Miracles’ Lessons

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In 2020, as I practiced the lessons in ACIM, I felt like writing down examples of how the lessons apply to everyday life. I wrote what I felt guided to. Most of the time it was a story, sometimes a personal experience, and at others it appeared as a poem. You can call them bite-sized spiritual fiction. But, the writings do not conform to any one religion or faith or promote any practice. They encompass the globe and hold space for the different ways people connect to the Divine, inside and out. They all denote the Oneness of Being.

This was my journey, but as I wrote I realized we never walk alone. I sensed these words do not belong to me but were meant to be shared. What started as a writing adventure thus turned into three books.

Lessons of Love – Book One released on 22 nd Dec 2022. Book Two will release in April and Book Three in July. Watch this space for more updates. Meanwhile, below is the book description and some sample stories from Lessons of Love – Book One.

Book Description –

Do you believe in the divine? Are you interested in translating complex spiritual concepts into simple everyday actions and choices for your benefit? If yes, this book is for you.

Lessons of Love – Book One is the first in a series of three books, containing 120 short, slice-of-life stories, narratives and poems set across the globe. The simple writings of this book serve as a practical reminder of how you can perceive life, and the challenging situations or people in your life, differently. The characters in this book are from different cultures and faiths, but in their stories, you will find the common threads of humanness and divinity we all experience. The book does not promote any particular form of God or worship, spiritual path or religion. Instead, the stories remind you that we are all alike, and that it is indeed possible to live a life of oneness, faith, trust and forgiveness.

Read this book slowly, a story at a time if you so desire. Use this book to chart your spiritual journey and as a tool to help you in your spiritual evolution. Written to help you shift from a place of chaos and confusion to peace and joy, this book will help you connect with your inner strength. It will remind you of the unchanging inner light that burns bright inside you, even in the darkest of nights.


The opposite of love is fear,
but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.


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