Workshops & Sessions

Some of the workshops and sessions conducted for children and adults. For the latest workshops, visit my Facebook page or Insta account.

Joy of Imagination

A program for kids that teaches them to tap into their creativity and imagination. Includes writing and energy movement work as well.

Write way to peace – TRY THIS!

A unique writing program that guides you on a self-exploratory journey to joy and peace. Writing techniques look at four areas namely healing the past, accepting your self, developing connection, and moving to stillness.

Meditating with Nature – Try This!

A program conducted separately for adults and children! Tap into the power of the five elements. Discover the secrets of nature. Connect more deeply with earth. It uses modalities like energy medicine yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

Personal Sessions

One-on-one sessions that teach you techniques to help you cope with challenges in areas of emotional well-being and mental health.

Don’t Mind It – POPULAR

The most popular program, this workshop explores how the mind works and how you can program it to be your friend. It also looks at how the body and mind can work in partnership to help you be your best.

The Butterfly Garden

An Online-Offline session offered for children ages 7-10. Songs, movement, stories, conversations, prayers, crafts. It is one fun package!

Storytelling as Therapy

A program for teachers, trainers, parents and therapists, it explores how story-telling can be used as a therapy. It also shares valuable tips about other complementary therapies that can be integrated into a story-telling session for maximum impact.

Tell Me A Story

Story telling sessions based on my books and/or folk-tales from around the world, for schools, libraries, bookstores and book clubs.

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