The nature of this world is such that our so-called reality constantly changes. What was once important, fades away and is replaced by something new. But sometimes things re-surface. We may ignore them, but they keep re-appearing till you are forced to acknowledge their meaning in your life.

That is my story with words. After writing since I was 6, I thought my hand had fallen silent. It was inactive for a while. But I was wrong in assuming, that they had nothing to say. The journey from being a writer to healer to someone who combines her way with words for spiritual progress has been an interesting experience.

The talkative hand is an insight into my world of words, creativity and spiritual path. The hand speaks the language of the universe, of energy, love and stories.

As I evolve, so does this space.  Thank you for dropping by here and I hope you find something here, that connects with you.


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