If you are here, you are either a friend or are blessed by God, Guru or Grace. Why else would you end up at a website whose primary motive is to share the ramblings of a mind, working hard to defeat itself? Whatever your reason for coming here, welcome 😊

One of the most important lessons I have learnt from my teacher GD, is to ask – “What is this really for,” when we undertake any action or make a choice. It helps us stay on track. So, let me tell you what this spot on the internet is all about.

First and foremost, this is where I share my journey with all. A deep connection with God and an ability to express myself with words, have been the two constants in my life. As I explore ways in which my writing can be at the service of God and Guru, deepen my spiritual practice, and allow their voice to flow though me, I intend to share what I am learning here.

I also hold a simple intention that whoever comes here, finds his heart lighten, smile deepen and life brighten. May the grace that fills all our lives, make its presence felt to you.

Thank you for dropping by.