Short Stories

We are all stories. All around us, we see stories. Every experience is a story. Stories bring us smiles, they bring us memories. Sometimes they bring tears, sometimes release, and sometimes a warm sensation that envelopes our hearts or brings a knowing peace to our minds.

We all want stories to last, but they are as temporary as a thought. And yet, I have collected a few here for you. Hope you enjoy them.

Returning to Krishna

A story about faith. Published on World Storytelling Day.

Spring Forever

A story about being open to change. One of the first stories I wrote, re-written and updated currently.

Song of the summer-bird

A story of an unlikely friendship. First published in the Urban Shots Anthology.


A story about hope and finding freedom.

Coming Soon

A story .

Coming Soon

A story.

Because a story is just that…

an experience that has passed.