“Wisdom is
knowing I am nothing,
Love is knowing
I am everything,
and between the two my life moves.”
― Nisargadatta Maharaj

Anita Satyajit refers to herself as a Spiritual Creativist since, well, people seem to like descriptions of some sort. To her, Spiritual Creativist simply means someone who is on a journey of self-discovery and shares their learning with others via a creative activity. And since that is what she does she coined the term up.  

Anita began her work life as a journalist. Over the past two decades, she has worked across various industries from journalism to development communications (nationally and internationally). After a decade spent chasing the written word and winning awards, she learnt the hard way that success didn’t bring the fulfillment it promised. It brought nothing lasting. Her quest to find lasting joy eventually led her to GD, her spiritual guide. Since then, Anita has discovered it is possible to choose peace, even amidst chaos.  

Her latest adventures are as an author, story-teller and wellness practitioner. To Anita, writing is a gift that helps her share love, light and laughter with the world. She also likes to help people explore the mind-body connection and how it impacts us. She conducts workshops for children and adults. Her wish is to motivate others to discover their inner capacity for joy, ease and peace.

Yoga and making people laugh are her other areas of interest. She also loves going on long walks, stealing her son’s dark chocolates, and dancing when no one is watching.  



Anita’s current focus is on writing books (fiction & non-fiction) and sometimes poetry. Previously, she has worked in the areas off Journalism, Content Writing, Development Communications, and Poetry.


Anita loves story-telling and the way it relates to our lives. She conducts pure story-telling sessions for children and sessions on how story-telling can be used as a therapy..


Anita conducts workshops and private sessions for adults and children in the areas of mind-body wellness, writing therapy, emotional intelligence, healing, meditation and mindfulness.

Energy & Movement

Anita loves exploring and teaching how our energy systems impact our physical and mental health. Using movements to heal is also an area of interest. She shares lessons learnt from both in all her workshops and session.


Books & Stories


Lessons of Love
Isapuram tales
Book One – The Chameleon Effect and other stories
Book Two – Lights, Camera, Action and other stories
Urban Shots: Crossroads (Anthology)
Ripples (Anthology)
Chicken Soup for the Soul : Indian College Students
Other Short Stories

Lost Path of Devotion
Write Way to Peace (Tentative title)

Workshops & Sessions

Don’t Mind It
Write it out – 7 Days
Write Way to Peace – 21 days
Joy of Imagination
Meditating with Nature
The Butterfly Garden
Storytelling for schools
Storytelling as a therapy
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Joy & Wellness

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