After spending decades chasing the written word, Anita Satyajit discovered that success didn’t bring happiness, it brought a strange emptiness. A feeling that something was missing. As someone who battled with anxiety from childhood, she was used to turmoil. And yet, she couldn’t get used to it. Despite trying many things spiritual, she found herself still unhappy, anxious and often with that strange emptiness haunting her.

The journey eventually led her to her teacher. And since then nothing has been the same. Today she considers words an ally to understand, a foe to be watchful of, and a tool to transcend the mind. To her writing is a gift, one that helps her share love, light and laughter with the world. It is a way to bring joy and peace of God, to the world. 

Apart from writing, Anita likes to work with people of all ages to help them explore the mind-body connection and how it impacts us. She does workshops and personal sessions on this topic when asked to. Story-telling, energy movement work, yoga and dance are her other areas of interest. She also loves going on long walks, stealing her son’s dark chocolates and dancing when no one is watching.

You can reach her at writetoanitasatyajit@gmail.com