Anita Satyajit calls herself a spiritual creativist. To her, it means someone who is pursing the spiritual path, and loves to create and share their discoveries with others. 

She was once an award-winning journalist. After spending decades chasing the written word, Anita discovered that success didn’t bring the happiness it promised. It brought a strange emptiness. She saw these shades of incompleteness in other areas of her lives as well. Anita also battled with anxiety from childhood. As time passed, despite trying many spiritual practices, she still found herself unhappy, anxious and with that strange emptiness still haunting her. The journey eventually led her to GD, her spiritual guide in 2013. And since then, nothing has been the same. She began to discover it was possible to choose peace, even amidst chaos.  

Today Anita considers words an ally to understand, a foe to be watchful of, and a tool to transcend the mind. To her, writing is a gift that helps her share love, light and laughter with the world. Apart from writing, Anita likes to work with people of all ages to help them explore the mind-body connection and how it impacts us. Her experience with her teacher, helps her craft workshops for children and adults, that bring together her two loves – writing and energy movement work. Her deepest desire is to motivate others to discover their inner capacity for joy, ease and peace.

Story-telling, yoga and dance are her other areas of interest. She also loves going on long walks, stealing her son’s dark chocolates and dancing when no one is watching.  

You can reach her at writetoanitasatyajit@gmail.com