Isapuram Tales

Say Hello to Diya and Baba! 

The Chameleon Effect and other stories
– Isapuram Tales Book One

Lights, Camera, Action and other stories
– Isapuram Tales Book Two

What are they about???

A super curious, naughty, and yet compassionate 10-year-old, Diya’s life revolves around her family, best friends Biju and Ayesha, and her bestest friend, Baba.

Baba, her neighbour, is not just a spiritual teacher but the coolest adult she knows. He tells her stories, helps her parents and her, and listens to Diya’s non-stop chatter. Not just Diya’s family, everyone in the town seems to love him and look up to him.

What happens when Diya gets nervous before her annual day event? What does she do when she finds a stray puppy? What can she do when she is angry? How does one use their invisible ears? How does Baba help her and her friends? Does Baba have magical powers that he can share with Diya? Or are they just regular folks who know how to live a magical life? To know more, read the Isapuram Tales series!

The Chameleon Effect and other stories is a book about kindness, emotions, habits, prayer and God. To know more visit the book’s webpage

Lights Camera and Action and other stories is a book is a book about intuition, emotions, friendships, dying and living. To know more visit the book’s webpage

Though spiritual in flavour, these books are not meant to preach or teach but are simply a wonderful way to bring in a little more light and laughter into our lives.

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