Poetry – On writing

Always I have waited, for words to be wise
before they are permitted on paper,
evaluated, judged and criticized for accuracy
lest they be decried as mere crap.

A mask of intelligence seemed necessary,
vulnerability was deemed un-necessary,
always it felt more important to hide,
all that actually needed to be shown.

Moments rare are embellished and decorated
with the fanciest, choicest of words,
but we judge most about ourselves,
are hidden, deleted and cleaned up from verse.

Now I feel a freedom, an irrelevance,
about all the things that I once wanted to hide,
parts of me are just that – thoughts, beliefs and stored,
bits and pieces of a complex “personality.”

I now want to write the truth
choose honesty, ease, peace and simplicity,
the words I pen are mere words, after-all,
why make it something that defines me.

This is just a simple exploration,
an playful adventure with words and verse.
how can it mean more than what it is,
for hidden meanings it has no more.

It matters not now what others may think,
each interprets them with their own stories in mind,
if you want to seek, look for the joy of freedom
that seems to be lurking behind these words.

I set myself free to write as I may,
I urge you to now do the same,
remembering what someone once told me –
write to write  and not to read.



A typical conversation

Morning as soon as Pranav wakes up, S measures his face with his palm and pretends to be surprised by how he has grown up. Then he proceeds to measure my face with his palm and tells Pranav that Mama’s face has grown taller. Face grown taller! I ran to the mirror to ensure that I was not balding. Once I had confirmed that my hairline was intact, I went and whacked him for how carelessly he spoke. Like the time he argued with me that obsoleted was a word.  Much to my dismay, he refused to accept that obsolete was the word in whatever tense you used it. And since then every time he uses a word carelessly or in the wrong context, I announce that the only thing obsoleted is his knowledge of English.

I got book tagged

Yipeee, I got book tagged! Just discovered about this latest blog phenomenon yesterday and the bug bit me today. Well Percy, you didn�t catch me by surprise. I am quite thrilled about writing down this stuff, but it�s also a challenge. Even studying for accounts in my final year was easier. People you cant list your top 5 books. Can I list authors instead? Hmm I need time to compile this stuff. (I take my book reading very seriously. No seriously, I do.)

Well this continues after 15 minutes of serious thought. Now I am up for the challenge.

Total Number of books I have

Don�t have a total count. My books are everywhere in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and even some I left behind in the US (which haven�t arrived as yet). I guess the figure ranges somewhere in 300�s. (I wouldn�t be surprised if it exceeds it)

Last book I read

1) House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III – My friend loved it and gifted me this book. Some of the characterizations are really good. Not a great book. But good enough for a casual read.

2) Story of my experiments with truth by MK Gandhi � It has been on from two months. Since each chapter is a individual story am taking my time with it. I guess it has it has lost its flavor as the book is good only in parts. He has been quite frank and it is interesting to see him speak so freely about himself. He was a mystery and just a figure whose name kept popping in history. Now I can imagine the person he was. Though I don�t necessarily agree with all he says and his practices.

Last Book I bought

The Prophet � Khalil Gibran – The old copy was crying for retirement

Five books that mean a lot to me

Now I thought this involved a lot of head scratching, but suddenly they all slipped out quite easily and they are in no particular order of importance. These are books I can read over and over again.

1) Siddhartha � Herman Hesse
2) Alchemist � Paul Cohelo
3) Ishmael and My Ishmael � Daniel Quinn (Yes, I am going to cite the two books as one for two reasons. One, they are complimentary- if you read one, you just have to read the other. Two, I get to state two more books that mean a lot to me)
4) Tuesdays with Morrie � Mitch Albom
5) Little Prince � Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Ok please let me name a few more, Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway, One and Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, Notes to Myself by Hugh Prather, all books by Ruskin Bond and some of Osho�s works. (OK I shall stop, but this sucks. I want to name more. Sob sob)

People I�d like to tag


There I did it! And learnt how to add external links in the process too. Blogging rocks!

encounter of a different kind

Last weekend I was on my wits end. I had met my greatest challenge in a long time. My opponent was reckoned for his speed and agility. He was known to walk only on the path he made for himself. The setting for the encounter was my kitchen, and my opponent was Mr. lickin� lips, the mighty lizard with the beady eyes.

My fear for lizards is matched only by my husband�s fear for them. Only this time I knew I had to step up and be the brave one. Husby darling refused to even venture from the front room.

I opened the window on whose pane the lizard was perched. But my gesture startled him and he landed with a plonk on my kitchen top. I held my breath and waited for him to scale the walls and escape. For a second we started at each other, and then he desperately tried to scale the granite slab on the kitchen platform, only to keep sliding. It was then that fear gripped me.

The granite was too slippery for the idiot who daringly took a dive off my window. Now he was literally swimming on the slippery granite walls trying to get off! I instantly got my broom for defence. I wasn�t going to let him run amok on my kitchen and with trepidation cornered him in one section of the l-shaped platform. The next 15 mins he ran from one end to the other chased by a whisper of hair from my broom. The process was accompanied by my unrelenting pleas to my knight in shining armour to come to my aid. With each plea the TV volume turned louder. I didn�t want to kill the lizard, he looked too alive. I could see his belly moving up and down. His eyes darting and his lips moving as he tried to chew the broom.

Brainwave! I ran to the balcony and came back with a formica board, my homeowner had left behind thoughtfully when he rented the house to us. (Though I had cursed its presence all this while, now it was a gift from him to me). I placed it thoughtfully in one corner ensuring it was near the window and thus providing a ladder for the lizard to scale on and escape. I continually guided the lizard verbally up the escape route. But he chose instead to go hide behind it.

After an hr, at 11 in the night, frustrated I pushed the idiot to the board guiding him up. The first attempt bought the realisation that the lizard couldn�t climb up! How on earth had he got on my window pane in the first place. I could sense that he was terrified but I couldn�t give his fear much concession. Mine I decided was bigger. It was time to wage war.

I pushed him down the platform. Let him run across the floor, out the kitchen. no no not to front room. another push.. NEVER behind the fridge, another push. yes to the balcony door. Hurray! Out! What! You cannot climb regular walls. Now the formica board came real handy. I scooped the lizard on it. One hand on the board and the other holding it down with the broom (I sure didn�t want it to run up the board and onto my arm! urrrgh now that would surely be my worst nightmare). I plonked him on the sill trying to push him out. Only he sought refuge holding onto the grill and I literally had to pry his claws apart from the metal grill. and then lo he disappeared. For a moment I felt a little sad and lonely.

Moral of the story: Animals don�t possess human intelligence. They want to survive and don�t understand human tactics like climbing up makeshift ladders. Next time you want to help a lizard, instead of killing him, dont wait an hr! Sweeping him away from a broom saves time and is your best bet!