Lights, Camera, Action and other stories

Lights, Camera, Action is the second book in the Isapuram Series. Based on the everyday lives of Diya, her friends – Ayesha and Biju, and Baba, the book explores themes like emotions, misunderstandings, friendship, intution, life and death. While the topics may seem mighty, this exploration takes place with light-heartedness, impishness and humour. Curious to know more? Want to know :

  • What happens when Diya feels Biju pushed her purposely?
  • Why is Diya angry at Baba? How does he still help her? What is the opposite game?
  • Why does Biju come crying to Diya’s home?
  • What are the invisible ears? How do we use them to hear God? What is intuition?
  • Pick up the book to know more!

Peek Inside –

“Please Baba! Elders always do what they want. And make us do what they want too. They don’t listen to me. But I have to listen to them.” Diya was getting really angry now. And Baba saw that.

“Your anger has enough heat to fire the engines of a spaceship. It could probably reach Jupiter,” said Baba. “But tell me one thing, how does you feel when you are angry?”

From the story ‘Red, Hot and Horrible’ in the book Lights, Camera, Action and other stories (Isapuram Tales – Book Two)

Join Diya and Baba’s magical world

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