Some tools to cope with fear, anxiety and panic in the current Coronavirus situation

As much fear as there is in the world, there seems to be more light. I want to choose that, believe that and not crumble in the fear right now. Healers and light-workers around the world, seem to have opened up their hearts and are creating such helpful audios, meditations, etc. to help everyone. Sharing some here –

Returning to a state of calm – by Micheal Golzmane

Tapping through a Crisis – EFT Playlist by Brad Yates

Wellness Shield Mediation – by Steve Nobel ( I love this one)

Physical Wellness Mediation – by Abraham/ Esther Hicks

CoronaVirus Energywork coding – by Rudy Hunter

Immunity Boosting from Now Healing – by Elma Mayer

Energy tools – By Donna Eden

Energy system strengthening – by Prune Harris

Qigong for Coronavirus – by Dr. Nan Lu

Tapping resources – compilation of links by tapping Agenda

Vibrational Support – by Rikka Zimmerman

Coronavirus Support FB videos – by Deepak Chopra

Community Online Meetings – by Teachers of God

Energy Healing – by Michelle Pinto

Laws of 20 minutes

Is it possible to move beyond the mind? I look around me at my family and friends, and feel no. How earth do ‘I’ ever do it? Then I look at my teacher GD, my god Sai Baba, all the spiritual teachers across the earth, and I feel this peace, this possibility emerge inside. ‘Of course it is possible’, says something inside. ‘You are just too scared to try’. And then I choose, because all our choices, GD says, are either based on love or fear. So I choose from love. I want silence.

GD recently warned us about the dangers of being too dependent on healing, clearing and other techniques. Turns out, he reminded our spiritual circle about it in 2009 as well, when I wasn’t in the group. Hearing a talk on the Value of Silence by him back then, I discovered a real treasure. Excerpts from that conversation as he says and I understood it, follow:-

Most of the silence in our life is replaced with words. But how much information do you really want to be able to stay silent for 20 minutes a day. The ego loves knowledge and so that is why we need even information on how to stay silent. So here are some laws of 20 minutes:-

  • Don’t aim to reach anywhere.
  • No desire to understand anything.
  • No desire to silence the mind
  • No desire to relax the body. They are but sensations that arise.
  • No desire to control the environment
  • No war with the world or yourself.
  • No desire to improve self-

Self-improvement is an outside goal; silence tells you everything is inside, it is here. There is a simple allowing that exists during those 20 mins. You as ego don’t interfere. There should be no you. Doing, fixing, improving is a continuous process and all doing implies a future. Choose to rest in the now.  A Course in Miracles says, “God is so kind he has given you fulfillment from the time before you are born.” But we never notice it.

So don’t insist on mental silence. If you find silence difficult, use music or a discourse because this involves pure listening. Pure listening doesn’t involve the thought or mind. Don’t insist on anything, because that is what you are doing the rest of the day. Just stay awake, stay dead.

Soon, if you are lucky, you will find you will spend your entire day in surrender. Everything just happens. How will you know? Because there won’t be a struggle. Ego only knows struggle and fight. But don’t try and be clever. Don’t convert negative thoughts to positive in these 20 minutes. Everything is allowed. During this journey, if you get even a whiff, for even a second… this bliss of surrender is so beautiful that then, nothing else matters.

Stepping out of the dream

In the past three weeks, our spiritual circle has been having fantastic sessions with GD and each session is taking us further and further into the truth. A few days back, I re-posted Aalif’s blog about the story of me. GD then lead us to examine this story of me deeper, to see everything that occurred as a dream  and to question the very dream, this very story of me.

One of the ways in which GD suggested we do this was by making a list of all the things we have made important.  “Which part of the world are you making real, including making the you character perfect,” he asked us to check. Some very other important reminders for me included –

  •  The dreamland is the sum total of the past. The more we live in it, the more distorted life is. The more we step out of it, the more simple life is.
  • Choices are real only in the dream. Polarities exist only in the dream. For the ego there are thousands of choices; every day or every moment is a choosing. But in truth there is only one choice- in the dream or out.
  • In this life, all choices are the same, what are you going to think about?
  • Solving, fixing, getting out of the problem is how the dream works. Frantic search for solutions is how it works. But what if the dream can’t be fixed, doesn’t need to be fixed. What if you could take a deep breath and let the dream go. What if we could say, it doesn’t matter how it unfolds.
  • Observe, how does your mind keep the dream? It needs speed, to do that it needs some subjects to chew upon. the more it chews, the more the subject stays alive. if the mind slows down, how will it keep the dream alive?
  • As long as one runs with the dream, peace and consciousness is not possible. When the running stops internally there is no dream, no you.

I have been meditating over this since Sunday. One of the thought that arose was that there is only one single thing which keeps the dream alive – fear. All stories of money, health, love, and even happiness, are about not experiencing discomfort. So while awareness brings us back to the I, it is complete and total trust and surrender that lead us from the dream to consciousness.

I have this habit of reading random parts from some spiritual books. Nisargadatta Maharaj’s  ‘I am That’ happens to be a favourite. Last night, mulling about this, I opened a page. Here is what Maharaj said , ” There is no need for a link between a real world and an imaginary one, for there cannot be any. Investigate your world, apply your mind to it, examine it critically and scrutinize every detail. My experience is that everything is bliss. But the desire for bliss creates pain. Thus bliss becomes the seed for pain. The entire universe of pain is born of desire. Give up the desire for pleasure and you will not know what is pain. Your mistake likes in the belief that you were born. You were never born and you never die.”


To download the entire 60 minute talk which includes further insights and a deeply meditative space – as well as other Q&A and clearings from GD’s group telephonic sessions – go to the Core Healing India Archives.

Confessions of a moody mind

International Woman’s day is usually a day when I pray for all the wonderful women in my family and life. But this year, woman’s day meant something different to me. After a hard 2010 year-end, 2011 is to me a chance to deal with all that unfolded last year and a chance to celebrate me. The still struggling me who has the strength to accept my problems, deal with them in the best ways possible and still make my life a joyous, successful one.

All my life I have found it difficult to make friends. In my family I was always treated as the odd-one-out with a temper no one could match. My fear to go to school which surfaced every few years was thought of as a sign of  laziness, my fear about staying away from my mom was thought of a sign of being pampered, after my mom’s death my teenage escapades were thought of as a sign of  indiscipline. I have been mocked, ridiculed, teased, taunted and scolded for my phobias and anxiety. Even after marriage when the fears and anxiety continued when it came to staying away from my husband or when I got depressed post pregnancy or when swine flu came to town, I was always counseled by my husband and my family about how I should just pray, be calm, keep control over my emotions and meditate.

But since the past 4 years, I had begun to see beyond their words. I insisted that what I felt was not mere personality issues or a matter of upbringing like they were construed to be but a deeper problem. But apart from S who said he didn’t mind if I saw a counselor, everyone ignored the issue. Then finally last year end after a great high from a round of accomplishments, I was sent crashing down by a problem. At that moment, I decided that despite everyone’s concerns, I would see a counselor. The lady was someone I had known for over 13 years and who was helping my kiddo Sairam with his ADHD/ learning-disabilities. By the second session, she diagnosed the problem which had affected me all my life- Mood disorder.

My first response was one of panic and disbelief ( I have a mood disorder problem after all!). I read up about it on the Internet and went into a tizzy wondering how on earth would I recover from it. But my counselor helped me see how I had already taken the first step to changing my life by recognizing that I had a problem. She reminded me that for years without even knowing the problem, I had dealt with it victoriously. That, she said, was in itself a sign that I was on the right path to help me cope with the problem. She also felt that I didn’t need any psychiatric drugs as my problem was not so severe. At a time when I thought I would again have to wage a war with my family, most of them began to accept and see that what I had was just an illness. Not unlike my thyroid ( which also affects moods!).  Being a journalist, I had enough information and courage to know this didn’t have to be something that ruins my life. And so I have started on the tough path of being aware of the problem and dealing with it.

A mood-disorder requires a constant state of awareness about your moods and the source of your emotions. It requires good physical health and a great amount of mental calm, both of which require steady practise. Every-time I stop exercising or meditating, I immediately see the response in my body. Stress induced by anger especially is the worst and I often end up feeling like I am having a heart-attack. Emotional stress brings on a weak stomach which often takes weeks to calm. But knowing I have a problem was and is not enough. Ensuring I do all the right things to keep my mood in order is one tall order. But the bigger problem is making people aware of this problem and letting them see that this is not something meditation alone will get rid of. It is a real illness which requires a great amount of patience and understanding from their end.

S has been unbelievably supportive and I am so grateful to god that he sent S my way. But family and friends who know are still somewhat unsure about how to deal with this. The problem comes with how little awareness others have with issues related to mental health. Mood Disorders, the word holds no meaning to them and if they hear mental health, the immediate co-relation people make is to insanity. And for that reason my in-laws don’t know about this . Their lack of knowledge would surely result in them viewing me as someone insane their son has got stuck up with. I have directly told very few people. But since my diagnosis I am aware of the need to speak about this . I am not afraid or ashamed. And I don’t see any reason to be.  How different really is a heart problem or Blood Pressure from this? They are all illness which require constant care.

That’s why on the Woman’s day, I wanted to speak about about my mood-disorder. Because for long people have suffered in silence because they are afraid what people will think about them. Women more so than others because even without a mood disorder their anger/ frustration/emotions are anyways tolerated, laughed at or mocked. And so its natural that they fear any mention of an mental-health issue would only aggravate their problems.  The stigma associated with mood disorders or disability of any kind for that matter is so high that very few women manage to find the support systems to help them cope with their problems.

But silence isn’t the solution. Many people around the globe are now realizing that though mental health issues may affect your day to day functioning, it does not need to debilitate your life. Professional and personal success are both possible ( Take it from me, after all I won an award for my writing from the Andhra Pradesh CM last year). Silence and suffering with a mood-disorder will only make the problem worse. And if you are silent because you are worried about what people will think of you- hey they are going to talk about you any which way.  So speak up and get help. Because you need to help yourself, change your life and accept your short-comings first. Treat this problem like any other illness. A disorder after all doesn’t mean the lack of something, it just means that something needs to be put back in order.