These are some of the people whose work and words, have personally helped me. I have used these resources at some of time and still continue to guide others to these websites. Please do use your own intuition and guidance, while exploring these.

For Healing and Support

SessionswithGD – Website
My teacher GD’s website is a treasure trove. It contains more than 135 audios of sessions with students. It also contains numerous free audio clips and meditations. GD also does remote sessions for others, when he guided to. More information about him and his work is at the website.

Core Healing India – Website
Core healing is a revolutionary remote healing technology that has proven success in supporting and enabling mind-body healing. It is run by my friend, Amit with guidance from our teacher, GD. Do check out their awesome core-healing products and remote healing services.

Michelle Pinto – Website
Michelle is a friend and gifted healer. Her healing transmissions and personal sessions have great energetic impact on clients.

Reading Resources

‘A Course in Miracles’ and ‘ I am That’ by Nisargadatta Maharaj are two books GD highly recommends to those on the path. Apart from these, here are some links for you to explore.

Ruzbeh Barucha – Website
Ruzbeh writes extensively about Sai Baba, walking the path, lessons from other ascended masters, etc. He has authored numerous books. Do explore his words at the speaking tree website above.

Sadhguru – Website
Sadhguru has a way with words that many people can connect to.

Nithya Shanti – Website
He is a teacher who posts very helpful, funny and insightful posts regularly on his website, Facebook Page and on Instagram. His website is a treasure trove of useful tips for someone on the path.

Talks, Meditations, Energy work and Clearings

GDExplore them here.

Steve Nobel – Explore them here.

Joel Goldsmith – Explore them here.

Sangeeta Bhagwat – Explore them here.

Michael GolzmaneExplore them here.

Prune Harris – Explore them here.

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