The write path to healing

As someone who has struggled with fears and anxieties all her life, writing has been a tool I have turned to time and again. While I once used it for stres relief, over the last decade I have seen its power as a a very powerful healing activity for the body, mind and soul. I use writing to deal with difficult emotions and situations, to release past events I want peace from, to change the stubborn patterns of the mind, to enable change in habits…writing has now become my partner in my journey to wellness, to happiness.

It is this I share with you in the program whose poster I share with this post. When I posted about it on Facebook and Instagram many asked me what this program is about. It’s simply a self-exploratory healing journey using writing as a tool. If you feel like you could do with a change in the way you cope with life, stubborn energy patterns, sickness, etc. give yourself 15 mins of a day to try this. Let’s explore the way to healing together.

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