Isapuram Kindness Express

Hello dear friends and welcome aboard!

Since this book has come into this world, we have seen the world change unimaginably with the pandemic. In these past months, Diya and Baba have made their way into people’s homes and hearts. In the month, before the pandemic, there was a smashing event at a school and a visit to Ashraya Initiative for Children. Since then, we have gone online. During the lockdown the books were available for free reading online. Now, the stories from the books are being read out to children in story-telling sessions. And the ebooks are on amazon and kindle stores across the globe!

But the best part is that profits from the book have been donated to NGOs such as Ashraya and Karmanye. Profits from sales in September and October will be donated to libraries across the country. Copies of the books will find their way to libraries in small towns and schools run by NGOs etc.

The videos and memory wall

Story-telling : Don’t listen to it

What does Isapuram Tales mean?
The fun introductory poem

Climb Aboard the Isapuram Express!