Isapuram Kindness Express

Hello dear friends and welcome aboard!

What started out as the Isapuram Kindness Express has since grown in shape and form! It is no longer just about the books but an expression of the love, joy and light the books epitomize. Since the books were launched, we have seen the world change unimaginably with the pandemic. And yet the kindness in people’s hearts is unchanging. We have received so much love and have been blessed to be able to pass the love.

This page is thus now a place where memories of working and interacting with children and NGOs is showcased. It is also where I share videos with tips for mental and physical well-being.

Profits from the book continue to be donated to NGOs and libraries across the country. We hope this journey continues. Hope you enjoy the videos and pictures below!

The videos and memory wall

Energy medicine techniques for stress!
A quick technique to bring calm
Story-telling : Don’t listen to it
Red, Hot and Horrible? Try these tips to release anger!
What does Isapuram Tales mean?
Why was the book written?
The fun introductory poem
Isapuram Tales on Radio

Climb Aboard the Isapuram Express!

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