Lost Path of Devotion

Sometime in my childhood, while I was still in my single digits, my family began to worship Sai Baba of Shirdi. I don’t know when and how, but by the time I was growing up, he became the face of God to me. In 2016, at a very difficult time in my life, I began to receive messages from him. Actually, I think I began to be guided by him during my teenage years, when I did not even understand what was happening. I suffer from episodes of fear/anxiety since my childhood, and somehow every time I have recovered, it has been faith and grace and connection to God, that has helped me find my way out.

In 2016, I was guided by Baba to see that my journey is about moving from fear to love. This was what my teacher GD, had been trying to tell me for years as well. Sai Baba also asked me to write about this journey. After hesitating for years and wondering about the format of this sharing, I recently felt guided to share bits of Baba’s and GD’s messages with the world. These are part of a book, which Baba named – The Lost Path of Devotion.

That path to God, Oneness is the path I have embarked on and am still learning about. It is taking me from anxiety, loneliness, shame, judgement to trust, faith, surrender and Divine Love. As I learn, I share the words with you. In these difficult times, may we all see the light that guides us on, find our inner power and faith, and re-discover the lost path of devotion. We are One after all!

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