Writing Therapy program!

Do you want to try writing therapy?

🌹What’s this program about?🌹

For 7 days, 1 writing technique will be sent to you, with detailed steps on what to write and how to write. I will be energetically tuning into the day, and sending the technique that I feel is apt for the participating group. You just need to set aside 15-30 mins everyday. Time and place don’t matter. You just write based on the guidance I send. For eg – 1 day may look at unmet goals and work on thoughts and beliefs surrounding it, another day might be limiting beliefs about yourself, etc.

🌹How do you get this?🌹

You enroll, you get the technique on WhatsApp/email as you prefer, and you write. In the background, I do healing to help move the energies. You just need to set an intent mentally to receive the energies. 🙂 it’s as simple as that 🙂

🌹Why choose my price? How much do I pay?🌹

Participants have a chance to choose how much they want to pay for it. It’s how much value you are giving to the program and your financial ability. If someone is financially not capable of paying much they can pay 1000. If someone is, they can pay 1500 or 2000. It’s the same writing and healing program that everyone gets. You just choose what you want to pay for it🙂

🌹 Still have doubts? 🌹

You are welcome to reach out to me at writetoanitasatyajit@gmail.com or just leave a comment

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