It is impossible to know we are on a spiritual quest. Most of us just want life to feel better.  We want happiness that lasts, health that is not so fleeting and peace that stays with us. This journey feels hard, it feels impossible. Sometimes it feel special and at other times it is simply painful. The toughest lesson to learn is that what we are looking for is not something outside, but something inside.

Right now, I assume I am on a spiritual journey. I have been a little lucky to find a spiritual circle and a teacher. A person whose reminds me stop chasing my mind. In him, I glimpse something that I want. And that is why spirituality is appealing.

But I also realize this journey can seem un-ending. Even with a teacher, you can wander for years. The mind rebels. It holds onto its knowledge, intelligence, greatness and specialness. It questions the teacher, challenges the teacher. Till you begin to realise that “maybe I don’t really know anything.” You sense spirituality is simple. “I” am not. This comes in small glimpses.

It is then that you begin to look at making your life simple and begin to take small steps towards trust. it is your willingness that will decide if you really move ahead on it. When you truly choose the path, you begin to experience, the beauty, the miracles, the support that exists even in the toughest of times. All you need is faith and patience. This is easier said than done. Even I have struggled and continue to struggle sometimes, as I look beyond my ego- mind and look for God.

And yet, you walk on because who is walking with you… Once you have sensed God’s presence, you can’t stop and want to walk all the way Home.

This website thus contains my writing based on what I have learnt, am learning or have been guided to do. Do check out this short note on Living in Guidance. This website also contains resources to people who are on the path and are committed to helping others. It also contains links to my offerings – workshops and sessions, where I share my spiritual learning with the world.

The easiest way, I keep remembering what needs to be remembered, is with the prayer below. Written by my teacher, GD, for our spiritual circle, it is the most accurate reminder of what spirituality is all about. Of course the simplest things are the hardest to practice. But I pray, let that in no way be a deterrent to your path.

GD Daily Advaita Prayer
prayer of oneness

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