Oblique rants 2

At some moments, a greater intelligence speaks with urgency. Her voice tells me lessons that I have closed my worldly ears to. So she nudges my heart and asks it to set my mind free. Often she succeeds and then her wisdom lends itself to me. Like a road trodden by a million feet, my weary mind looks joyous at the possibility of repair. The holes and cracks are filled with the sweet hopes of awareness and your path once again promises new adventures if you tread on it with faith.  To believe in myself and the universe is the hardest lesson I have been taught and re-taught in the past 14 years of spiritual practice. And it seems to be a lesson I forget the most.  Today as I sit in the threshold of yet another transition, I am reminded of the importance to breathe, let go and simply accept all that is changing. In a universe that is as dynamic, it is silly to complain about the passing of the familiar. This too like all things shall pass and bring forth great joys, mighty sorrows and wondrous moments anew.  Let me remember to watch it all go by with peace governing my heart and head.

1 thought on “Oblique rants 2

  1. Life is a tough road that’s been trodden by generations and Yesterday is but a History we can let go of and embrace hope to get through the threshold of the upcoming promising adventures.

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