3 tips for times of overwhelm, stress, anxiety

We are all energetic creatures. Like it or not, we are impacted by the moods of those around us, the events that transpire around us, and the general state of the world we inhabit. Some of us are a little more sensitive to these energies than others. Currently, it feels to me like there is a lot of stress, chaos and turbulence in the air. Many people I know seem to be facing challenges in relationships, health, finances, etc. And so I felt guided to do a post on three simple things people can do to cleanse, protect and ground their energies to feel better. Do this whenever you feel out of sorts. But doing these three things on a daily basis, for an extended period of time works wonders.

1) Salt or turmeric in your bath water – (Cleansing)- Rock salt, pink salt, sea salt are all great options. Personally I prefer salt, but if that doesn’t suit you, I have heard turmeric works great as well. Both are cleansing, purifying agents. Just throw a heaped spoonful of salt or a big pinch of turmeric in your bathtub/bucket/mug. Say a little prayer/wish and stir this salt into the water. You don’t need to utter elaborate prayers. It could be something as simple as, “may this help cleanse my aura and energies.” Or “I pray that all the negativity sticking to me and surrounding me, be cleansed by this water.” That’s it. Use it everyday for 3 weeks to feel lighter and brighter.

2) Spoon your feet or walk on the grass – (Grounding) – For those who have a patch of green nearby, walking barefoot on the grass is a fabulous way to discharge all your stress and negativity. There was a time when I was suffering from a stomach condition. My mind was full of negative and fearful thoughts. One of the things that helped me the most was walking barefoot on the grass everyday. Walk for as long as you can and as you walk imagine all your stress/fear/pain/anger, all emotions and negative thoughts, are moving out of your feet and are being handed over to earth. If you do not have access to grass, simply take a stainless steel spoon and rub it over the bottom of your feet. Energy medicine says this works just as effectively to ground your energies. I have a spoon now permanently on my bedside table and give my feet a nice rub whenever I feel very scattered.

3) Zip up your aura – (Protection) – Take a minute and sit down (or stand up. Whatever you wish). Then imagine a big ball of golden or purple light surrounding you on all sides. This the light of protection. Next, imagine wrapping this light around you. (Pull the light around you from the back, across both sides to your front like closing a cloth curtain.) Then imagine zipping together the opening in front of you from down to up (like how you pull up the zip of a jacket). Feel the light protect you from all harm and negativity.

Do try this and let me know how it felt. In case you have doubts, do leave a comment below.

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