Being a woman

is learning to be ok with what you dislike
to be happy, sad or neutral, learning to live your emotions
making an uninfluenced choice

is finding freedom in little things – a meal, book or dance,
to float even when you think life is tied down,
to sink so you rise above

is knowing to stop, tormenting yourself with thoughts
doubts, depressions, worthlessness- when your mind whimpers
close the door, leave negativity out

is not letting yourself down,
break self-imposed barriers
ignore gossip and envious ones around

is knowing you have all you ever need
till you choose to bring in more, being a woman after all
is life’s toughest role.

4 thoughts on “Being a woman

  1. Cocktail Party 11 July 2011 — 9:31 am

    How true!!! Sometimes we are good at drawing joy from the little things in life…Does that makes us special? I wonder.

  2. I really needed to read this! Love you for being an amazing, and inspiring woman. *hug*

  3. very nice way of portraying a woman 🙂

  4. Nothing more is required to be said – proud to be born a women

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