Discovering Humility in myself

Today a random book I was reading taught me a valuable lesson on humility. The book had nothing to do with writing, ego or humility, but as I was reading it I realized that in the past two years I had let my ego, rise, soar and float high above. Why? I don’t know. I never thought of myself as an accomplished writer who has met all her life goals. I mostly feel like a struggling newbie. But somehow over the past couple of years, I let the number of years I have been doing this get to me. I started to respond to people with an authority that is terribly unbecoming of a writer, whatever your stature maybe. And somehow the humility and geniality disappeared.

It is so important for a writer to stay, warm, human and funny. People are drawn to writer who they can connect with. It is the aura of goodwill and creativity that connects you to your customer. And people can sense it when a writer’s priorities are herself and not the person she is writing for.

Luckily I never let be as audacious or get a big bloated head. Luckily my spiritual endeavors always set me right back on track. And what a joyous feeling it is to shed myself of my ego. I feel lighter happier and more energetic. Raring to write now. Write well, write more and write for more, all the while staying true to myself and my client.


2 thoughts on “Discovering Humility in myself

  1. I know exactly what you mean.
    I have been acting like a condescending ‘writer’ for quite a while now,and after I started blogging I realized there are millions other who can write much much better than me.

  2. This is so true, and I’m glad to read this blog post. There is no harm in having a ego check once a while. Thanks for bring this to my attention

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