My poems in kritya

It is not untrue when they say we can create the realities of our life. Writing poetry was always a closet affair. To find papers to scribble into and then tuck them away, lest they fall in someone’s hands. Writing away, I realised earlier this year that I had a couple of book full of poems. Re-reading them made me sense how childish most of them were. But rather than tear and throw them away, in a way it strengthened my resolve to write better. And since the words have been flowing out with a flourish which even I didn’t realize I possessed.

This poem and these others in Kritya are from the older batch. That they have been accepted, makes me humble. I promise henceforth the poems shall show more grace, thought and maturity. Does that mean I am going to send more poems to magazines, hoping they be published? Of course! Did you think I was going to glow in the victory of these published works and smile away into oblivion? Never. After all I have never been shy to put myself at risk for abject humiliation. I am quite shameless that way. Always have been. I believe in my honesty.  All I crave is my piece of land. Now I shall build my mansion at leisure.


Sometimes when I am too tired
being a mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, sister
I seek refuge in my imagination
and ride away on its wings

The shower becomes a waterfall
the green grass outside is a mountain-side
the brown earth are sand dunes
the reflection of the sky in the puddle is my lake

When the body is stuck with everyday living
for a few moments my soul soars
and I travel in my memory
to the sights, sounds and smells I once knew

the earthy rainy mountains  I once trekked in
the sound of seagulls  in the beach
the forts that age graefully into an ignored tomorrow
the shimmering eyes of the deer in the forest at night

All weave their way out from my mind
into my everyday
I relive some moments in my imagination
because that is the only escape I have

Breaking free

I built them. Slowly and steadily
Adding one brick after the other
One fear after another
Till the wall around was thick and strong
It protected me from everything that was coming my way.

But tomorrow, I will take a hammer and bring it down
One by one, slowly and steadily
Till nothing remains
The wall shielded me from the pain
But it also kept my joys away.

When the world tries to get to you

This mantra might work…

I refuse to succumb to words: that
doubt my goodness
discredit my work
Ignore my contributions
Insult my intelligence
Mock my innocence
Taunt my actions
Question my worth

I know what I am made of
And so I will not leave it to others
To sculpt me into their unfulfilled choices
With their sharp shaping words.

When everything I do will invite comments
I will make the choice I have
To not respond to it all
And to be the person I know to be. Me.

I am wild

I am wild (or so I was told)
Like the wind that rips green leaves off trees?
But I love freedom so much, that often
I transcended the barriers the world imposed on me

And so I sang on the road when I wanted to
Climbed a mountain when it called out to me
Rode a bus from home to nowhere
And returned befriending someone new

When people doubted my purity, I strengthened my resolve
Every negation and mocking of theirs, spurred me on
I soon found pathways forgotten by most
Running there I found life’s song

I saw the world cried more than me, and so many
people joyous and peaceful than I could ever be
And so I stretched my boundaries a bit
To include within life’s limitless possibilities