I see outside my window:

I can see the hummingbird,
Trying to evoke nectar out of a dried leaf.
Dried brown branches sticking out in all directions
Gangly like a young boys legs
Only I see in some spots, green bark
Assuring me appearance of youthful leaves.

I can see the distant mountains
Swathed in comforting tickly grass.
The bunch of green shrubs that grow in clumps
Like gossiping woman, heads together
Only I see the patches of brown
Telling me to go meet them, before summer heralds.

I can see the restless clouds
Dancing around to the winds tunes.
Running in straight lines like freshly ploughed earth
Tilled ready for the new seeds to be sown.
Only I see the coming of gray rain clouds
And I know earth will be nourished today, flowers might bloom.

I can see silent roads
Resting against building with empty balconies
Devoid of any human movement, each empty window unadorned
Another unseen stranger�s unheard story
Only I see the plane flying above telling me
It�s only a few days more days before I go home (to India's cacophony).

1 thought on “I see outside my window:

  1. Nice! I can see trees outside my window. And the terrace of the house where I live. And coconut trees. Yes, I know that’s not poetry 🙂

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