I am wild

I am wild (or so I was told)
Like the wind that rips green leaves off trees?
But I love freedom so much, that often
I transcended the barriers the world imposed on me

And so I sang on the road when I wanted to
Climbed a mountain when it called out to me
Rode a bus from home to nowhere
And returned befriending someone new

When people doubted my purity, I strengthened my resolve
Every negation and mocking of theirs, spurred me on
I soon found pathways forgotten by most
Running there I found life’s song

I saw the world cried more than me, and so many
people joyous and peaceful than I could ever be
And so I stretched my boundaries a bit
To include within life’s limitless possibilities

4 thoughts on “I am wild

  1. could you tell me more about the 3rd paragraph? i’d like to know the context in those lines, it stands out from all the other para’s.. would be glad if you could 🙂

  2. Hi Sankaranarayanan, the reason that paragraph probably stood out from the others was that the first two were written one day, and the last two on the following day. Read it now. I edited it and it probably flows better than before. The whole poem is just about knowing yourself; unaffected by perceptions the world has of you. Dont please ask me to analyze my poem. I usually just write when I feel I need to get the words out and dont try and find symbols to put in my work. Keep visiting the site!

  3. did i see “me” in there?

  4. J, its me. But then don’t we both know by now that ‘me’ is just a younger you. Of course you will see yourself in there too…Lol

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