Boy in the Chai stall

Wrote this in midst of a mind-numbing session. yeah got another nice quote on boredom i came up with. But that'll come later. Am not too pleased with the poem. it requires some tweaking. Anyways here goes.. Sometimes the raw first draft casts its spell on me and though i know it requires work, i hesitate to change it..

Latest bollywood tune on his lips
Swishing the dust cloth , swaying hips
Feet stomping to the radio�s beats
Cleaning tables with irreverent flicks
Customer�s call, him beckons
Weaving through tables, master frowns
The tune still playing in his head
Mindless motions, his hands enact

Water in pan, leaves of tea,
pieces of ginger, a dash of sweet
Stirring the cauldron, sniffing the steam
Some milk in pot, rising tea
Remove the frothy bubbling chai
Moving to music, towards bhai
Changes hands, glass burns the hand
Shatters the music, sparkling pieces everywhere

Slap on the face rudely jolts
Morning pav�s money is now gone
Weaving through the tables, master frowns
Mindless motions, done numbly now
Chai is served, Bhai has gone
Picking pieces of glass off the ground
Bollywood�s tunes slowly filter in
Eyes smile & destroy that slap�s sting.

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