When the world tries to get to you

This mantra might work…

I refuse to succumb to words: that
doubt my goodness
discredit my work
Ignore my contributions
Insult my intelligence
Mock my innocence
Taunt my actions
Question my worth

I know what I am made of
And so I will not leave it to others
To sculpt me into their unfulfilled choices
With their sharp shaping words.

When everything I do will invite comments
I will make the choice I have
To not respond to it all
And to be the person I know to be. Me.

6 thoughts on “When the world tries to get to you

  1. J: You inspire me to write better!!!

    Meghna: Thanks a bunch. And I just saw ur blog. You write very well. And girl, if you have already crossed the 100th post mark, you are no longer a budding blogger. You have graduated into the mainstream world and can advise novices. Do come n visit this blog again. Would love to hear from you.

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