When the world tries to get to you

This mantra might work…

I refuse to succumb to words: that
doubt my goodness
discredit my work
Ignore my contributions
Insult my intelligence
Mock my innocence
Taunt my actions
Question my worth

I know what I am made of
And so I will not leave it to others
To sculpt me into their unfulfilled choices
With their sharp shaping words.

When everything I do will invite comments
I will make the choice I have
To not respond to it all
And to be the person I know to be. Me.

6 thoughts on “When the world tries to get to you

  1. YOU are the WORLD.

  2. Hi,
    Nice blog and I loved this post. Count me in as a regular reader!

  3. J: You inspire me to write better!!!

    Meghna: Thanks a bunch. And I just saw ur blog. You write very well. And girl, if you have already crossed the 100th post mark, you are no longer a budding blogger. You have graduated into the mainstream world and can advise novices. Do come n visit this blog again. Would love to hear from you.

  4. How very true this one!!
    very nice…
    keep writing ….

    liked ur blog… will keep hopping in for more!

  5. mmm…nice poem… but concentrate more on rhymes!!!!!

  6. enjoyed reading your poem .It is honest. Do write more often.Good luck

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