Describe your family, the american way

It is only in the US that you will be forced to think about what kind of family you are and define it. While filling a form, the options included adoptive parents, single parent, interracial, LBGT, Grandparent caretaker, Parents with custody of children, Allergies, Have special needs child(ren), Have twins/multiples, Vegetarian/vegan
Halal and Kosher.

With so many options, I was actually confused for a second. My child was mine, but if my in-laws came and took care of him when they come visit, what would I be then? In the end, I decided I was a vegetarian parent and the parent with legal custody. It was a gentle reminder of the year ahead .

4 thoughts on “Describe your family, the american way

  1. What you would be then? Nothing… you are supposed to surrender everything to them and act like you don’t even have any rights on your own children.

    In-Laws use every oppurtunity to take advantage of grand children to get things done. That’s my experience. And they show-off as if they have really love and affection on them. Sorry for bashing on in-laws.

  2. good one…

  3. I read it somewhere :”The more choices are the sign of a better society.”Just like the millions of god in hindu culture.

    1. These are not choices. These are signs of hopelessness in American society.

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