Buddha finds no receptive heart
to speak words to.
In a land prostituted a billion times
who calls compassion a virtue?

Water now comes in shiny plastic
with a double figure price,
tigers are preyed on
killed for their skin and insides,
a woman is murdered
for using her will or mind,
man is classified by his caste,
religion or sexual life.

In this maddening chaos
where pain leads passion astray,
a man robs for food,
hate is the balm for pain,
my search is for voices of love
with answers to grief,
I seek hearts willing to reason,
minds craving peace.

One thought on “Today

  1. Serenely Rapt

    Wow Anita…!

    The cadence of the words, the pain of the world’s betrayal and the wistfulness of the quest… beautiful.

    Reading more… 😀


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