6 bags and a new life

As I filled bags with thing to bring to the US, I scanned through seven years worth of accumulated things. Some things I gave away, others I packed and stored. But the memories, lessons, gains and losses of seven years have all come here with me. Sitting on the flight, I was determined to make this stay different from the previous one. I actually began blogging seven years ago, during my first stint in the US. The blogging has always been infrequent all these years. But in recent times the writing is more frequent and this time around I intend to keep it that way.

After 20 frenzied days of ticking off to-do lists, nursing family, farewells  and promises, I sat on the plane unable to shed a tear. When there is much to be done, the emotional side of me doesn’t kick in. Once here, overwhelmed with the changes , the tears threatened to flow a couple of times. But life has again taken its course. Schedules are being set in the midst of confused minds. It has been two weeks since we landed in the US and this home is beginning to feel a little like mine. Life has been great despite the many little hurdles, which time and again only reinforces my belief in how the universe works for you, if only you believe.

But the writing is yet to begin. Pranav is still pretty unsettled. College has started for S and so his life will pretty much follow a routine now. This place is beautiful. The Charles River is a two minutes walk from my home and I can see downtown Boston just across from there. MIT campus seems to buzz with an energy that is infectious ( or maybe its just me buzzing to be creative). I feel optimistic, I feel hopeful, I feel alive.  There is so much say. Hopefully the blog will say it all in the months to come.

3 thoughts on “6 bags and a new life

  1. “the universe works for you, if only you believe.”-only you can make a chronicle into such an inspiring and thought-provoking post.

    You were truly missed.=).

    And drop by my blog sometimes,I’d be honored.

  2. Cocktail Party 20 June 2011 — 11:33 pm

    I love your style…. Keep writing!!!

  3. Awesome! I recently graduated from MIT, so am so happy you are going there. I am sure you will enjoy the place – except for the cold..brr! I do miss the energy and bubbling enthusiasm of the place!!

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