No person can complete you

It is time to remind myself about something I told my friend some months ago. Sometimes we make ourselves believe that we need more to feel complete or to feel happy. People, objects, emotions- it could be anything. But that’s not so. The reality of my life or anyone’s is that what ever you need, life has already given it to you. If you feel something is not there or cannot sense something, probably you have no need for it. Really, there is nothing lacking in you for someone to come and complete. Just consider this, if you truly don’t have love , then how can you even offer it to others? If you crave love, does it mean you are empty of love? Do you expect someone to come fill your heart with love, so that you can give that same love in return? No, you love because you already have that emotion in you. And so when someone doesn’t reciprocate your love with love, let it not lead you to a sense of incompleteness or despair. Instead know that before wanting someone’s attention, you need to first love yourself and be at peace with yourself. Only when there is love in your life, a completeness with yourself, can you understand and see love. Else when it comes you won’t even be able to recognize it.

7 thoughts on “No person can complete you

  1. I love this post. I can relate to it very much, and it has served as a much needed reminder to me. Your words have really helped me. Thank-you. I have also read some of your other posts, and they are so motivational, yet real. You are an amazing writer. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks S. It is always very encouraging to hear from others. I am glad my words helped you.

  3. This reminds me of a particular scene in a movie “six days seven nights” where quinn harris (ford) amusingly comments on why so many people flock ‘makatea island” in search of love…another character (cant place him) chuckles, saying ” these people do not understand…this is a won’t get it here, unless you bring it here..” pretty much true for our lives as well….good post.

  4. so true… good easy read… nice flow !

  5. hei . I cant say how much i got surprised to see this post. I could relate this post much to myself. The days when i was searching for love and how i could myself couldnt recognise my own love. I have personal events regarding this. I can only say every word of yours is completly true. Its amazing…

  6. It is very good thought about love matter.If any body can not love him self then he can not love with other .It will be artificial love.

  7. Came to me like a ray of hope..:) great..keep writing!

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