Sometimes right things go wrong

The purest of intentions are the ones most misunderstood. And so when you go one way and life goes another, all you can do is wait. And hope that life corrects itself and comes back to you. Because running after life will only make seem out of your reach. (And leave you out of breath and incapable of enjoying it, if and when it returns.)

3 thoughts on “Sometimes right things go wrong

  1. But sometimes life goes “wrong” for the “right” reasons.

  2. You gotta grab life by the throat and take what you want from it. Keep asking and and you’ll never get, you gotta ‘take’ it

    Good blog!

    Keep it up!


  3. Jean: You are so right my friend. But I actually was thinking about difficult relationships when I wrote this.

    N: Thanks and do pop in again.

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