The way I define some things

Inspiration: A moment when you feel you have finally recognised what you were looking for.

Contentment: Having a smile on my lips, peace in my mind and love in my heart. Knowing that all I should have in my life at that moment is inside me and around me.

Courage: The ability to listen to your inner voice and act on it.

Confidence: Knowing that you are loved and loving yourself, for there is only one you in the world.

Trust: The feeling inside when you realise god has his plan for you and that plan includes great pains as well as great joys.

Love: Most powerful connection between you and the world you live in: people, animals, nature and life. Its dialects are many but language is one.

God: The power that resides within one and all.

Spirituality: A path to understanding that peace lies within. It is the oneness of the world. Understanding that no joy comes with pain, in fact that there is no joy and pain.

Fear: A voice which constantly challenges your faith in the universe and makes you move from trust to doubt.

Learning: A constant process of growth. Involves looking behind the incidents and accidents, looking beyond the words and actions and looking inside to see what has changed in you due to the experiences.

Teacher: Every human being who touches my life. Not someone to be idolized but someone who shows me a different perspective of living and leaves me thinking.

1 thought on “The way I define some things

  1. Very enlightening. 🙂

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