Some random ramblings relating to Mumbai

I am still in my own way reeling from the horrid blasts. All my life I have loved Mumbai as all people who love that city do. It is an inexplicable but true love affair. You know the city’s good as well as the bad’s and yet love it. Earlier all my views were prejudiced and blinded by my love for Mumbai. I still remember crying and getting all emotional, when during the initial days of our courtship S said something derogatory about Mumbai.

My family and loads of friends, live there. But now I don’t trust Mumbai anymore. She seems to have become too volatile even for me. I don’t know what will happen, when. I can’t help but fear for the safety of my loved ones there. And to feel this seems perfidious, for I do love Mumbai. The impact the city, its people and life there has had on shaping me as an individual is mighty. And that’s why I feel angry sometimes. At the people who have let such violence to seep in. I feel pity and grief when I think about how intolerant people are becoming. And at the same time how violence is now accepted as something so very OK. Our perceptions about what is all right and what is not seems to be flaky. Some accept violence as normal and as part of our life. And some think letting the anger inside out on people violently will lead them to peace. Why don’t we wisen up?

What made the incident worse was strangely the media and their sensationalism. Even during the Monsoons in Mumbai last year, I posted about media’s frenzied reporting. Fine, fine Media has its pluses but I seriously think there is a collapse of values and ethics when it comes to reporting. It is all about creating sensation rather than providing information. What is the true role of the media in a crisis? Why have most TV channels stopped so low. It seemed like a contest as to who could get more gory and gruesome.

The icing on the cake however was LK Advani’s comment which can be translated from Hindi as, “the king and the populace need to work together during this hour of crisis.” King? Who made him or any government, king? It is attitudes like that which make people distrust and dislike politics. I felt like tapping him on his shoulder and reminding him, that people elect politicians, so that the politicians and government can serve people. And that’s why we need more people like. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan around.

2 thoughts on “Some random ramblings relating to Mumbai

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