They whom I admire

Just wanted to write a quick note on all those I have known or seen over the years who have found the courage to do what it is that they truly feel passionate about. I have tremendous respect and admiration for those the people who follow their heart irrespective of what it may lead them to, who trust life and just sail on the ocean without fears or storms.

I think the problem is with people like me who wait for a map and then a compass to fall into our laps. We just live with the desire then and never really set forth on our journey. Well I know its not entirely true for me but it does feel that way. Because I am also seeing many others whom I know and who have the passion for something but are not doing a thing about it because they are on the look out for some miracle. We all wait for our miracles so much. Who thinks of going on knocking on doors, the opportunity is supposed to find you isn�t it? No it doesn�t. See more is not to open your eyes wider but to open your minds wider. To absorb all that goes on around you. And most of the times its not about finding something you love but loving what you do enough to learn from it and then move on.

There is no one thing in life which will satisfy you entirely. Existence has made us out of many different things and we need varied things in our life to make us happy. But are you going to wait for it all? The puzzle does not fall into place all at once; you take a piece and see where it fits. This is what life is about. A puzzle that you solve year by year, piece by piece, experience by experience; to create what you call a life. People around you, the work you do, are the colours of the pieces and when you fit them in by the time you are gone, you create the image of your life; the imprint you are going to leave behind.

I don�t want to wait anymore and honestly I am not waiting. I have seen from people and learnt. What fills your heart matters as does what fills your bank. Some don�t care about the bank and others ignore the heart. Practically though in this world you need both. Just decide the ratio of their importance and go on. Keep trying till you find the option that sates both. Remember both may never get fulfilled but you can strike a balance.

Am feeling quite full, full of love and admiration to the people I do know personally, whom I have met on occasions and whom I now see blooming. Not monetarily successful maybe but more wealthy than many I know because they have the satisfaction of believing, in themselves and their passions. It is not enough that others see the potential in you. To be, you have to believe, you can too.

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