Why does the game exist?

Baba, if all this is a dream, an illusion, then why create something? Why choose? Why gift a human the potential of choice, of creation?

Sai Baba- Because that is how the manifested world works. Since, there is a belief that you exist, there has to be a choice. The whole ‘game’ here is to see if you can remember and return to where you came from or if you will continue to wander.

I didn’t understand Baba. I feel I am missing something here. I am wondering why does the game itself exists?

Sai Baba- Because that is the very nature of love. When the creator created you, he/she did it with love. Love comprises freedom and choice. The nature of Oneness is love. The nature of God is love, the nature of Truth is love and love entails freedom. The dream is not ‘if there is a God’, the dream is the belief that what you see now is all there is to it. You believe whatever you can see and feel is the start and end of it. But this experience of life is like space dust in the whole scheme of your existence. This lifetime is a second, a nano-second of your journey to God. The journey is of love, from love, to love. You make this journey and then realize there was no journey. The feeling of shedding the body-image and being reunited with God, is like a dream and very similar to waking up from a dream.

Anyways, coming back to what you were asking, it is in the questioning that your ego stays alive. That is how free-will works. Why God created this whole dream? He dd not. But he created things to help you come out of the dream. When you move deeper into silence you will eventually find not many things exist. The creations cease and you begin to discover what really exists in the absence of this illusory created world. That should be your real aim, because be honest, as humans you chase and crave peace, love, happiness. Your pursuit is for state of mind and not really a ‘state of being.’ But mind can never reach that state. Only your soul can reach that state.

Of oneness?

Baba- Yes, of knowing how you are the creator and just a creation. When you begin to feel it and live this truth always, then you as a human will create without being attached to anything that is present. You will create relationships and know they are not real and permanent. You will create art solely for the beauty it generates. Your quest for permanence ceases and you begin to truly live in the moment. 

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