Of Special Relationships and Oneness

Baba:- On the topic of special relationships, wanting specialness and belonging, I want you to understand that when I said you are not special, but you are all special to me, I also meant ‘you all belong to me, God.’

Everyone belongs to me. If you look deeper, you will see that all times, the only thing people can do is to choose. Apply your free-will for me, to move closer to me. There is no you and other. Everyone is a part of me, sparks of mine, souls drifted away from the Great One. It is my job to care for all and help them return to the Great One. But, the moment you as Anita, assume ownership for another soul, you are trapped and operate from karma i.e. you are creating and adding to your energy as an earth-bound spirit.

But, when you choose to act from free-will as a soul who is One with all beings, then you move away from your karma. Then you are operating from the space as Truth. Then whatever you do, touches other earth-souls with the fragrance of Truth, of God.  That fragrance is love. God is that space from where everything emerges and returns. From where all energy is created and returns, from where all light is created and exists.

You come from that light. Don’t live in the shadow, die and then return to search for it. Remember, that you come from light. Live not just in its glow, but turn that light into a bright and beautiful flame. Then return to God taking as many friends as you can to Light, to Truth. That is a part of your purpose, anyone’s purpose. Coming from light, living as light and returning to light.

But this is possible only if you or anyone is able to operate from Oneness, Consciousness, faith and trust. Live with an awareness of the impermanence of this dream life. Don’t get caught in this trap of ‘I, Me or mine.’ That is the language of the ego. I know, it is easier said than done and of course the ego will crop up in a thousand subtle ways. But you will be guided to drop it. Just pay attention. Be aware. This journey has begun. Walk on with faith. I walk with you. Be fearless. 

Remember again and again to operate purely and completely from love. From the faith that you are one with the people you love. You are the same. Remembering this allows you to remember that every rejection, story, fear to clutch, possess, hold, and control comes from the personality. It comes from the belief in ‘you as a person’ and in your separation from others.

When you stop seeing two and are able to see One, your fears have no ground to stand on. Fear needs the soil of two, of me and you, to sow its seeds. If that thought of two is constantly weeded out, then you keep the ground fertile for the tree of Oneness. But that tree only grows if you constantly water it with trust, nourish it with awareness. Allow it to grow in the light of God. You need to stay in his light, to allow this tree to grow and flourish. So just keep coming back to remembering. Like GD says, hold that space. Stay there silently.

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