What is The Lost Path of Devotion?

Baba, what is this lost path of devotion, you told me to write about? What do I need to learn about it?

Sai Baba: – The lost path of devotion is one of the paths to God. It is a simple and ancient way to Oneness, which relied on trust, faith, compassion, love and simplicity. It was a kind of given trait which people grew up with. Every society, every so-called religion, tried to promote it. But as man evolved his path to God kept getting more and more complicated.

With evolution, so-called intelligence evolved and the very things, I helped man create to make it easier for him to reach me, he used to move away from me and towards his mind. The mind and intelligence became God. Today, a man’s mind is worshiped, what he feels is worshiped, what he does is worshiped, not the one who created him and all that exists. The way the world works now, is as though man created this world and everything else created is for his service. Even prayer has become a sms and facebook post! There is nothing wrong with that; any medium to think of God is fine. But what you use to think of God takes more of your time, than thinking of God. That is where man/woman/child have got lost and are floundering. And this where this lost path of devotion comes in.

The lost path is one of simplicity. It comprises of the earliest known forms of prayer or rather reaching out to God and communicating with God. Connecting with God, inside, and not just a form outside. In the end, this path leads to Oneness. With God, with all around you. It ends in dissolution of the mind, personality and leaves just Oneness behind.

The ways to do this are many and they are all simple. For some it could be chanting God’s name, prayer or speaking to God directly, asking for guidance every moment, focusing on your breath and heart, these are some of the simplest ways to calm the mind and reach me. And then let yourself be guided to Truth. Unfortunately most of these simple practices have got lost with time. But it is time for people to remember, to move back to Oneness, to Love and to Celebration.

Is that why moving from fear to love is important?

Sai Baba :- Yes! The predominant emotion that rules most lives now is fear. Most of you all spend copious amounts of time in fear: of health, job, money, fearing for your loved ones. But like you have realized, in any situation we are actually afraid for ourselves and not really for the ones your love. But yes, step 1 is always moving from fear to love.

How does one do that?

Sai Baba:- How do you do that?

Trust. Coupled with practices like breathing, accepting ‘I don’t know,’ prayer, and asking for guidance.

Sai Baba:- Aren’t those the exact same things, I said about how to return to devotion?. Ha ha ha.

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