Potential of creation

(This is part of my upcoming book – The Lost Path to Devotion. To know more and read more, visit this page.)

I feel like asking you about the potential of creation. What does that mean Baba?

Sai Baba :– The potential of creation is the sum of all possibilities in the world. The potential of creation is the ability of a thing/being to create all the multiple ways it can reach me, in the best possible way, taking care to harm none of my other creations, and to bring as many others as possible to me. Now a soul can do one of these, all of these, or none of these. And this return to God can be done in any manner the soul chooses – love, service, compassion – these are all a creation’s (person’s) various choices.

Creation is a natural process, an evolutionary act of the soul as it moves towards me. I create and my creations create. It is an organic process of dissolving and re-generation. To make it simple, when I create something, I create it with the potential to create for itself and those around it. Especially on earth, this potential can be a boon or a curse depending on how someone chooses to use it. The potential inside can be used to create or destroy, love or hurt.

So simple said, the potential of creation is my spark, my light inside someone. It is the power to create your reality or dream ( or maya or whatever you choose to call it).


Note: Five years after this message above was received, I have learnt that when Baba refers to himself as ‘me,’ it is not Shirdi Sai or a person that is being referred to, but the One Single Light we call God. Baba is and has been that pure light of God. We humans call him Shirdi Sai or Jesus or by any name that connects with us.

Recently as I read something in “A Course in Miracles,” a book with the words of Jesus, and was struck by the similarity of the words there to the words above. It made me again remember the Oneness we are all a part of. I again realized there is no difference between Baba and Jesus. But more about their connection later.

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