Keeping the mind with God

(This is part of my upcoming book – The Lost Path to Devotion. To know more and read more, visit this page.)

Baba, How do I keep my mind with you?

Sai Baba :- First of all, your mind is unreal. And so, there is no question of you keeping it with me. What you need to keep with me is your heart. And focusing on the breath is one of the best and simplest and easiest ways for most people to do that. Focus on how you breathe. The way your body responds to the breath and for many that is enough to move away from the so-called mind. The more you use your head to “be” with me, the more lost you will be. I exist in the heart. Drop down.

Is that what being silent is about Baba?

Sai Baba :- Being silent is not about the breath. Being silent is being at the very root of creation, source of creation. Being silent is the start and end of all things.

Everything you do has a pause, a movement, and a pause again. Being in silence is being in the pause. And the longer you halt in that pause, the more possibility you bring into creation.

Being in silence, being aware of that pause, makes you more aware of the possibilities of what you can create. And hence the need for silence. If you are always moving and the pauses are tiny, there is no time to be aware. You won’t think about what you are creating, and the creations will thus not be to the end you want. It won’t bring the results you want. But every time you pause, the silence brings with it all the possibilities of creation and you end up creating something wonderful.

That is the need of silence. Silence is not thought and planning. It is pause and awareness, or stillness and awareness, as they call it.

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