Bulbul’s words

I found myself in nature today. I wanted to believe she had missed me…was waiting for me to come. But I know I was deluding myself with such thoughts. In my absence, she was herself all along. A colour here, a texture there, she had not changed her habits a bit. If anything she had bloomed and blossomed, unfettered by the demanding human eye.
I walked gently on the grass, touched the leaf tenderly, smoothed my fingers on the rough tree bark and let the grass scratch my feet. The clouds out for a stroll across the sky were quite unhurried today. Looking at them, I slowed my pace. After months being locked in, I felt freedom arrive with the bulbuls who perched themselves on the tree. As I heard them debate loudly, I found peace in their banter. Just then a bulbul craned her neck towards me and called for my attention. “Listen,” she said, “I came to your balcony yesterday as well to tell you this. Nature’s secret is that she is. The flower doesn’t care for admiration. She blooms not for you but because it’s in her nature to do so. What you came here for is within.” I looked incredulously at her. How wise she was! Before I could react or respond, she flew away. “Just be,” she shouted as she streaked her away across the sky.

3 thoughts on “Bulbul’s words

  1. Speaking of the flowers, this reminded of a quote that says, “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” It’s amazes me on the lessons that we can learn from nature. it is indeed the second Bible.
    Link to the quote: https://www.facebook.com/Seongyosa/photos/a.441671739216756/3613304752053423/

  2. Beautiful narrative…lovely pictures..

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