Conversations with God

An excerpt from a conversation with my 2yr 8 month old :-

Me: You keep asking me why for every little thing Pranav. I don’t know everything!

Pranav: Why don’t you know everything?

Me: Because only God knows everything and I am not God.

Pranav: I know everything. I am God.

Me: Fine. You are God.

Pranav: Why?


3 thoughts on “Conversations with God

  1. This reminds me of my conversations with my 5 year old. It goes something like this:
    5 year old: Is tomorrow already here?
    Me : No, tomorrow is not here yet.
    5 year old: When will tomorrow get here?
    Me: I will let you know…
    5 year old: Is tomorrow far, far away?
    Me: Yes, tomorrow is far away.
    5 year old: but not as far as God, right? God is bigger than far away…
    And so the conversation continues….

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