And the year went by

And what a year 2009 was! From fighting post-partum blues to falling in love with my little one, it was a year that brought me in touch with my darkest emotions/fears and my strength. The entire year I have struggled to cope with the changes that have taken place in my life. Spent most of it fighting with what could not be changed. My body has been slowly reeling under the strain I have undergone. But hopefully all that is now set to change. The year showed me that I was larger than my problems and that I am so spirited that its hard for me to be satisfied. Really there is so much that I constantly want to accomplish that I often feel I am losing time if I do nothing. And that’s what I hope to change in 2010.

I hope I move from in-action to action, that my dreams translate into concrete achievements, that my goals help me transcend beyond my comfort zones into a higher, productive, successful self.

This year I want to will write. About new places, people and on topics I have never attempted to before. This year I want to will again get in touch with my creative side and begin dancing, singing and painting . This year I want my creative outlet to be a medium to increase my income and not just be a hobby. This year I want to will show myself that I am not lazy. This year I want to enjoy each gift I have- Pranav, Sairam , S and my family and my friends.

Let not memories of mistakes and pain, hold back your future. It is enough that other people waste their time doubting you, don’t waste your own time burdening yourself with foolish doubts about yourself.  Come alive in 2010.  You and I, we are capable of miracles. Create some this year. In your life, and in the lives of those whom you come in contact with.  Happy 2010!

9 thoughts on “And the year went by

  1. And I wish you all luck and strength – of will and body – to do all this… here is to a wonderful year!


  2. @ Charu- Thank you so very much. I really need lotsa motivation to achieve all I plan to this year, and you, Charu, are one of my inspirations.

  3. I already done a miracle this year.did you

  4. @ Maha- Yes. Have begun to prepare ground for it:)

  5. Good luck!
    have a smooth cruise this year!

  6. Hi Anita, I’ve recently discovered your blog and this post of yours is very inspiring to me, thanks! Best regards!

    1. Thank you Zara:) Do keep coming back:)

  7. hey there.. good info, I did not think I would come across exactly what I was looking for until I came across this site on google!

  8. This wonderful and great to discover this again with samay!!!

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