pleasure n pain

I wish I could wrap cotton candy around my eyes and see a sweet sugary world, where all is well. Often I tell myself that suffering is normal that it�s the way things are meant to be and then question myself about why do we have smiles in our lives then. Why the pleasure if pain is the reality. Then I remind myself we need the pain to understand and appreciate smiles. One moment of joy can illuminate weeks and make months of suffering disappear in a heartbeat. One true moment of liberation caused by a joyous heart, can wipe away all traces of tears from memories and mind.

3 thoughts on “pleasure n pain

  1. Life’s a roller-coaster, it wouldn’t be too much fun if it was a merry go round.

    Don’t know where I heard that (in a movie I think) but I think that’s something to remember.

  2. Now that was a nice quote. But in real life, both give me motion sickness and hence neither is much fun when I am on it. From outside both look equally exciting though.

  3. hmmmmm…life is a roller-coaster…it really isnt fun if both of them are not balances as what they appear..some times..ur days become so very dark that u probably want to go to tht corner and never return..

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