My baby boy

Sairam with his fav pillow

All I need to do is look at him and my heart just fills with joy. My baby, he hasnt come from my womb but tugs at my maternal heart in inexplicable ways. Ok, he is my Mama's (Maternal Uncle) kid but that doesnt mean I cant mother him and spoil him silly. Miracle baby, he is a unexpected gift to all of us.

I have always loved babies. But have never had the chance to experience the emotions that come with having one thats your own. With Sairam, i am getting to live them all. One word of praise and my heart swells with pride. He is the joy in my life. love you, little one.

1 thought on “My baby boy

  1. He looks.. dammmnnnn cute.. n gr8… ofcourse.. u can mother him – i feel all the girls in the world.. are born.. with a boon – that of motherhood.. either be it ur baby.. or anybody elses’… a girl wd never ever realize and differ on that aspect!!!!

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