My beginning — again

Does there have to be a beginning? Every end is a start after all, and all that starts ends somewhere. I am talking in circles. Just like life is: mine, yours, & everyone�s. I was waiting for a day or two; opening the blog everyday and then staring at the page, waiting for magical lyrical words to miraculously appear. I wanted to fill the page with eloquent verses which would leave all swooning and marvelling at my innate genius. �Ah Anita , we never knew you had this in you�, �Your words made me cry� and the like.

Then I took a wakeup call. Everyone who knows me knows about my love for words. All the bouquets and brickbats have arrived already, close ones have praised and all the critics have cursed. When has that hindered my flow of words or thoughts for that matter? The only voice I have paid attention to is the one inside. All this time I ignored it but now its sound is getting too loud. I have to write. I cannot ask it to shut up anymore. The only way I can silence it, is by throwing it out. My words may not be magical but then is life really all that magical? Mostly it is ordinary, to me at least. But that is till I take the time to pause and see the magical in the ordinary, the music in the silence, the special in the mundane. Then I sensed my words are like life, ordinary to the eye, till I or someone sees the magic in them myself. Even if they are boring, well so be it. I can�t please everyone, so I choose to please my heart. And so I write here now. We all have to begin somewhere so that something can end.

1 thought on “My beginning — again

  1. You’ve got it. If you write from your heart, you’ll touch someone else’s somewhere and then there’ll be beautiful music. Okay, no beautiful music, but you’ll enjoy what you write.–>

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