An adventure I am setting on

I know we are on the right path. When has the right path been easy? The moment an honest and pure decision gets difficult is the moment to be sure that you are heading in the right direction. I am not scared this time; I�m terrified! But I am very much at ease in my heart. I know that this path will lead us in the final direction that we want to go. For everything good there are some things that sadden you but which you have to give up. So many emotions will have to be handled with great caution here. So many journeys will be filled with worry for a while due to the direction in which we are headed. But I hope there is trust in our actions. Hope in the fact that we are seeking a higher good. Faith that we will do something that means something to the ones who don�t have as many opportunities as we did. I know that in the end even if we don�t succeed the knowledge that we tried will help us look and move ahead in life. Else our life will be a dream never realized, an adventure that we never ventured on.

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