abt lifetimes & relationships

I have a friend with whom I share very lovely discussions with. In fact that's something I have in common with 3-4 people including my husby dearest. We talk about a event or something and end up discussing pros, cons, sociological perspectives, evolution and just about everything.

Coming back to my friend we were recently talking about friendships. She is a Buddhist and I am well, supposedly a Hindu but a firm believer in all religions. God to me is a friend whom I fight with, talk to and sometimes well, postpone getting in touch with. We were talking about how some people are in your life, why they r there and possibility of continuing relationships in another lifetime. She feels that once you meet someone and interact with them for long and have a happy relationship then your relationship ends in that lifetime. What she feels is you continually have new souls coming into your life.

I take a somewhat different approach and feel that people you are very attached to are always a part of your life irrespective of the lifetime. But yes people with whom we have incomplete relationships with in some lifetime, do come again into your life in another lifetime to complete the cycle. Everything must have some completion, or must it?

All the talk about souls makes me wonder how exactly the system works. Despite the risk of sounding like an agnostic, I wonder with the world population continually increasing, are souls getting divided. If there is only one soul that is continually reborn, where are all these new souls manufactured?

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