Seperating thoughts from mind

We learn words, to understand them before we may learn alphabets. A child does not know what he is saying, knows not what his words mean till he learns alphabets and joins them to form words. Mind functions in a similar manner. It goes throught thought processes incessantly and we do not sit and take the time to separate a thought from our mind. Its only when we start to see each thought separately can we notice the gaps between the thoughts. To be aware we need to learn the language of the mind and be able to see each of its alphabets (thoughts) distinctly. Before we learn the alphabets we convey our words / express them directly through actions we learn. Similarly as we try to delve into our mind, we need to see the impact each thought has on our mind and how they translate into actions. To change their course I first need to understand the threads of my mind & thoughts. I must learn to see their action and direction, so I may turn them to good actions.

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