The Pathless Path

The rule of existence
is that anything you really-really want,
you will get.

But most of us are not very honest,
about what we are really-really wanting.

If you are truly on the path,
then want nothing except THAT.

Let all other desires, fears, needs and wants
fade into the background.
And let this seeking be the only thing,
the number one priority.

The mind interferes and distracts and justifies.
Slowly, slowly, go beyond all desires
till you want nothing, except to find and BE yourself.

So in the beginning, one has to think, ponder, meditate,
go for satsang, discuss everything, seek guidance.

One day, it is seen that the search
has itself become an obstacle.

The crazy mind makes huge efforts,
like a dog chasing its own tail,
tired, exhausted, but unable to surrender.

Once the basic work is done,
release all effort.
Once the inner ‘running’ ceases,
the luminous reality is revealed.

So just keep remembering again and again.
Where are you going to find yourself, except in yourself?
Because you are already You.

The world can give you nothing,
except a push to go back to your Self.

– GD

(The words above are from one of GD’s talks in 2010.)

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