Coping with a mother’s death

My essay about dealing with my mother’s death has been the most viewed post on this blog ever. Even after years , it continues to be a post viewed by many.

14 years  have passed since Amma’s death but her absence continues to be the biggest void in my life. While I once thought I thought I could never go on with life, I have lived my life all these years. The pain surfaces at the most unexpected of moments; when I suddenly see her laughter in Pranav’s face, when Sai kisses her photograph, when I remember her voice- but most of the times it is her smile, her love and my memories of her that guide me towards happiness.

Coping with death is not easy. But for those who feel this pain, I just want you to know that it is OK to cry.  It is ok to hurt, to feel miserable and to feel that nothing can hurt as much.  Just remember that even if you feel otherwise, the sorrow doesn’t last. Love lasts and happiness does find its way into your heart. And so when you begin to smile, don’t feel guilty. When you begin to feel excitement, don’t feel guilty. When you begin to forget the grief of death, don’t feel guilty.  Just remember that the best gift a child can give his/her mother is to simply be happy and live their dreams. That is bound to fill the mother ‘s soul with peace and pride.

Ps:- Just found this interview with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva which speaks about dealing with the death of a loved one.


1 thought on “Coping with a mother’s death

  1. When you get grief you also get the strength to beat it. Well said. I like ‘Love lasts and happiness does find its way into your heart’

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